It’s not new news but its good news

What a week and its only Wednesday. On Monday we had the news that there will be £25 million to fund (among other things) opportunities for fathers to stay over in maternity wards. My favourite comment was a woman on a phone in who thought it was a terrible idea as men snore and how would the nurses police this?
I had my first child in hospital, which led to my second child being born at home. THe time on the ward was horrendous for me, lots of women in pain in different stages of labour, all making animal noises and being asked to be conisderate of others. I didnt want to be considerate I wanted to bellow like a bull, You would not have been able to sleep through it. That was a long time ago though and I am assured that labour wards are no longer like this, you are more likely to have a room for yourself with no more shuffling from a labour room to a delivery room to a maternity ward and I welcome the new labour rooms available at the local hospital, although I hope not to use them. If I do go in to hospital to have this baby, my partner will be by my side. He cannot leave me at a time when I need him and he needs me and we all need to be together. I remember after the first child was born my partner was shoed off the ward after an hour with us and spent the next few hours walking the streets not knowing quite what to do until visting time. In that time I had read an old gossip magazine and struggled with breast feeding. I could have done all that with him in the room, there was no great female secret to shield his poor eyes from. He had just seen everything possible anyway. So yes horahh for men staying over, for women feeling supported, for babies to get the time with both parents for bonding, for midwives who will quickly see the benefits and a massive woohoo for some common sense.


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